How to rebuild your shattered self-confidence

How to rebuild your shattered self-confidence

No One Can Hurt You Without Your Consent

There are many situations in life where your confidence takes a big hit. Sometimes we overcome the hardships of life, and sometimes we are overwhelmed. Courage and confidence can help, but they can also undermine confidence. However, the important thing to remember here is that “no one can hurt you without your consent.” It is the influence that allows the to influence you. Pain is inevitable in life, but suffering is optional, as the saying goes. It’s your choice, and whether you want to recover or suffer is entirely up to you.

There are many reasons why your confidence is affected. You may have had a difficult marriage and are now facing a divorce. You weren’t selected for the college football team. you may have been fired. Each of these situations is undoubtedly painful. But you don’t have to suffer. You have to pick yourself up and make the decision to regain your confidence.

The following options can help with this.

Look on the bright side

It’s okay to feel sick for a day or two if you get fired, but not anymore. Losing your job is scary, but it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Maybe it’s a blessing. It may be time to reflect on your life, clarify where you’re headed, and take stock of the likes and hobbies you haven’t been able to develop due to work pressure. Perhaps this is an opportunity to make a fresh start and live life in a new way that is more suited to your skills and talents. Divorce can also be very painful, but in that case you weren’t very happy in your marriage either. It probably shouldn’t be. Now is your chance to redesign your life the way you want it.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

When we have problems, we always ask God, “Oh God, why me?” Did you then get up and ask God, “Oh God, why me?” We complain and remember God when we get into trouble or get carried away with ourselves. Stop looking from afar at other people who seem too happy and comfortable for you. Stop comparing their comfort to your suffering. This only makes me more frustrated. Focus on yourself and do your best to get out whenever you feel down. Self-pity is highly addictive and life-destroying. Instead of indulging in self-pity (as we all do sometimes), take control of your life, take responsibility for your actions, learn from your mistakes, and start fresh. And yes… don’t get bogged down when you hear “no”. Even greats like Edison and Ford have had to face “NO”. If you look at them positively, you’ll find that every ‘NO’ actually approaches a ‘YES’. It has been repeatedly reported that Edison conducted more than 1,000 failed experiments before actually building the light bulb. So accept the no sometimes.

Are you in the way?

You can see that shadows appear when the sun’s light is blocked. Even in our lives, we create many shadows by getting in the way of our own happiness. In today’s world, flexibility is key. Many people spend months looking for work, but are unwilling to adapt to the demands of new jobs, so they turn them down. Teacher Jane has been laid off from her job. She tried for months to get her job as a teacher, but she turned down opportunities to take private lessons, work as a nanny, and work as a freelance editor. . Her long wait hurt her confidence even more. Sometimes it’s wise to be a little more flexible and adapt to the demands of new work rather than just pursuing what you’ve lost. It will help you regain confidence quickly and bring you enough energy to land an even better job in your chosen field.

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