The “Big is Better” Sudoku Book

Your Sudoku super paperback with 1280 Sudoku puzzles with solutions and instructions. Puzzle where you want! On the train, on the bus, in the waiting room, or at home.

This Sudoku book has four different levels of difficulty. From easy to very hard. So it is suitable for beginners, advanced and real experts. Also useful for the whole family or as a gift for a good friend.

The paperback format makes your Sudoku paperback a companion. You will not be bored. In addition to having fun, you also train your brain.

Price: $ 9.90

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Book Details

Pocketbook size 8,5 x 11
A total of 1280 Sudoku puzzles with increasing difficulty.
There are 320 easy, medium, difficult, and very difficult puzzles each
8 Sudoku puzzles on one side
with all solutions
Quickstart Guide