10 Ways to Develop Resilience

Our ability to recover and adapt to life’s obstacles and setbacks is known as resilience. Resilience allows us to accept failure and disappointment, recognize the reality of the situation, and move forward while learning from our mistakes. Learning resilience helps in many aspects of life, such as recognizing life’s challenges,…

How to rebuild your shattered self-confidence

No One Can Hurt You Without Your Consent There are many situations in life where your confidence takes a big hit. Sometimes we overcome the hardships of life, and sometimes we are overwhelmed. Courage and confidence can help, but they can also undermine confidence. However, the important thing to remember…

Recognize the symptoms of low self-esteem!

People with low self-esteem rarely lead fulfilling lives.

They often distance themselves from others. In this way, they refuse the love and support of others. People with low self-esteem and self-confidence are rarely able to make the most of their abilities. Instead, they revel in the injustices of life and reflect. Low self-esteem is a loss to the person himself, his family and society.