The 4-Phase Headache Tracker

Very detailed headache Log book with over 100 Pages for a total of 50 analyzes of headache and migraine attacks

The tracker takes into account the 4 phases that can go through the migraine.

Because only if you really know your enemy, you can defeat him.

This book in the handy 6 x 9-inch format should help you to get to know your headaches or migraines better.

On two pages, you will find a lot of opportunities to note down information.

Your new Headache Notebook is divided into the following areas
Generals: Your Sleep, weather, your water consumption, time overview, etc.

The 4 phases:

1. early phase

2. aura phase

3. pain phase

4. recovery phase

In addition, there is space for triggers, relief measures, pain localization and pain level.
Over 100 pages with space for a total of 50 detailed analyzes of headache and migraine attacks

Price: $ 6.99

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