Sudoku Monster

Humanity is in great danger!

The crazy Professor Creepstrange worked for years on a way to teleport people across several miles from one place to another and even though the Professor was aware of the dangers when carrying out such an experiment, he kept on working on this project.

When the experiment was launched, disaster happened! Rather than teleport people, he opened a portal that leads demons and monsters, with the aim to invade the world!

But hope still exists for all because the professor created a self-destruction code on the teleporter. To prevent his experiment to be sabotaged by skeptics, he hid this code in a puzzle.

This is where your gaming starts!

The world needs your razor-sharp mind, to solve all the puzzles to get to the code and to save the world from destruction.

Are you ready for this task? Fame, glory, and rewards are waiting for you!

Passwords are hidden in this Sudoku RPG. In the beginning, it is easy to crack. The more the player’s skills increase, the harder it gets. At higher levels, evil demons obscure some parts of the solutions.
But with every cracked password, further free Sudoku puzzles await the player to download.

Price: $ 3.99

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Have you solved the riddles of the different difficulty levels? Then get your reward now. Just click on the solved level link and enter the code

Click here to enter the code for the Newbie Monster Hunter Level

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Click here to enter the code for the Master Monster Hunter Level

Click here to enter the code for the Hero Monster Hunter Level